Sportyfied 3-Layer Facemask

Three-layer recyclable mouthpiece. This mask is a reusable mouthpiece that you can use again and again. It just requires a wash of 60 degrees. The protective mask is not approved for medical use.
The mouthpiece has adjustable straps at the ears, which ensures a better fit and that the mask fits snugly to the face.
As an added design detail, you can add your very own print. You decide if you want a name, number, or your own club brand. Then you secure a mask that no one else has.

For increased filtration, there is a pocket in the mask for the introduction of additional protective filter. This filter can be purchased here.

This product is not possible to return due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Reusable sanitary mask
- Washable up to 60 degrees
- Not certified for medical use

Outer layer: 100% Cotton
Middle layer: non-woven
Inner layer: 100% cotton

Statement of Compliance

Test report
Brand: Sportyfied   
Model: PR796   
Product No: spo33704

Add prints of name, number, sponsor and logo.

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